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Our mission with Ironwood TM is for it to be a next generation, digital, aviation eco-system with the smart airport at the core. A platform that will stimulate innovation, enable efficiencies through automation, and produce compelling business insights that enables data driven decision making.

The Ironwood TM building blocks include:


  1. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to collect and digitalise data at source, at the edge of your business.
  2. Machine learning and stream analytics for automated learning, situational awareness, anomaly detection and alerting in near real time.
  3. Big Data repositories that will provide a platform for advanced analytics and data driven decision making.
  4. Intelligent automation that will power a drive for effectiveness, efficiencies and business agility.
  5. Inter-connectivity with connectors and adaptors, to bring you closer to your customers, suppliers, business partners and other industry players.
  6. Cloud, hybrid or on-premise deployment options.
  7. We partner with Microsoft’s Azure platform for our cloud-based deployments.


Ironwood TM will look after these areas of your business:


  1. Air Traffic data processing using data from Air Traffic Control, edge data collection and data from airlines and other aviation industry data sources.
  2. Management and Executive insights through dashboards and business metric visualisations delivered with Microsoft’s Power BI platform.
  3. Billing for landing, apron and ground handling services and fees.
  4. Digital aircraft ground position logging for security, fire risk management and aircraft parking fees.
  5. Fuel management.
  6. Ironwood will integrate with existing accounting and ERP systems for the processing of any and all financial transactions.
  7. A platform for Digital Transformation and for the development of new products and services for entirely new revenue sources.


The next step in the Ironwood TM roadmap


  1. A management system for Aviation Training Academy with full certification management and linking into access control.



Ironwood TM is a division of Onpro Consulting


Onpro Consulting South Africa

2nd Floor, West Tower, Nelson Mandela Square

Maude Street, Sandton, 2196

+27 11 881 5855


Onpro Consulting UK

4200 Waterside Centre, Solihull Parkway

Birmingham Business Park, B37 7YN.

+44 121 728 6431



Onpro Consulting is a business and technology strategy and management consulting firm with deep roots in International ERP and Integrated Enterprise software projects. We bring this deep experience in the delivery of business transformation projects to the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

We believe the days of large software companies, and integrators for that matter, focusing on selling software and services at all cost are numbered. Or it should be. Companies and countries that focus on enhancing business agility and on improving competitiveness are the ones that will thrive going forward. Technology is merely a tool to achieve a business goal.


Too much emphasis is currently placed on software selection and implementation and too little on serving the business purpose.


Fit-For-Purpose Technology

We help our clients to reduce the overall cost of ownership and to improve business agility by continuously exploring cheaper and more agile mechanisms and technology solutions, to deliver accurate business value to stakeholders, faster. Everything does not have to be built and deployed onto the core ERP system.


Professional and Independent Project Management

The Devils Triangle has been used as a term to describe a basic set of dysfunctional relationships that push many ERP and Enterprise Software projects toward failure. Software Companies want to sell more licenses. System Integrators or Value-Added Resellers are conflicted between maximising billable time and driving customer value. Customers often experience silos, internal conflicts, and cynicism (Negative perceptions and differing aspirations). This results in a real lack of focus on the strategic, expected business benefits for the company as a whole.

The combination of the above factors often results in ERP or Digital Transformation projects with a too high degree of focus on risk, deadline and budget and too low a degree of focus on the real expected business benefits that gave rise to the establishment of the project in the first place.

Our Professional, Independent Project Managers ensure that all parties are treated as stakeholders and that all stakeholders are aligned behind the vision and business objectives of the project.

Our project management service only makes use of senior and very experienced project managers and we focus on benefits realisation.

Our digital transformation services and solutions aim to improve our client’s competitiveness and business agility.

It is our contention that for companies to be competitive in today’s fast-moving market where consumers require instant gratification, you need to be agile, NOT constrained by bureaucracy, you need to embrace true automation and you need to embrace AI and predictive insights.

The opportunity presented by Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) thinking, technologies and concepts, is to challenge the paradigm of traditional business processes and the need for human-designed roles in how businesses are managed. The role of ERP and of administrative and compliance overhead in a business needs to be rightsized. The 4IR will deliver real automation and business agility and will empower employees to focus on the delivery of high-quality service or product to customers. This is the business purpose, the reason the company exists, after all.

The success of digitalisation initiatives requires a strategy linked to the creation of fundamental business value, that is clearly articulated and communicated, and has enterprise-wide validity. 4IR or digital transformation projects are no different from other traditional enterprise transformation projects. All the same rules apply:


  1. It must be grounded in business strategy and not a gadget fest.
  2. Change management is even more important than with other enterprise transformation projects. The perceived threat to jobs is as real as it is unfounded. Continuous learning, training and embracing the opportunity that digital transformation presents are critical to success. Jobs will change, they will only be threatened if you do not adapt.
  3. You must think big but act incrementally in an agile fashion.
  4. You must place emphasis on benefits realisation follow through to guard against “gadget” projects.
  5. You must focus on enhancing customer centricity and business agility as core strategies.
  6. Garbage in – garbage out still applies.


Our Solutions and services


We offer world-class business and technology consulting, advanced analytics, digitalisation and integration technology solutions. With a combination of ‘grey hair’ and bright, young minds our collective IP is applied to interesting projects and we genuinely care about creating value for our clients.


  1. Project and Program management for Complex ERP and Digital Transformation projects.
  2. Advisory consulting on how to leverage the opportunity presented by Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning and Automation to reinvent the way companies work and do business.
  3. Professional consulting and solutions in the compliance space. We have extensive experience in software asset management and licence compliance and also in general information systems and data compliance and auditing.
  4. Data value chain. “Data is the new oil”, is the saying. But data is only valuable if you have the correct data at the right time and of sufficient quality. Enrichment of data from sources outside of an organisation is an important approach to exponentially improve the value derived from digitalisation initiatives.

Most importantly, a corporate culture of caring about data quality throughout the data value chain is the keystone to being prepared for the digital transformation journey. No amount of technology is going to fix bad data culture.

  1. The design and delivery of enterprise grade, Complex digital transformation projects.

About our leaders


Hein Pretorius

Chief Executive Officer and founder

Hein has led and managed Strategic Business and Enterprise Level IT projects since the early 1990’s. During this time, he managed a number of strategic projects such as the establishment and growing of new companies, mergers, acquisitions, ERP and Enterprise Level, Complex, Digital Transformation Projects.

Hein established Onpro Consulting early in 2013 with the mission to leverage technology to provide enhanced competitiveness and business agility for our clients.

Over the past 4 years, we have been investing in learning, experimentation and the delivery of enterprise grade AI, Machine Learning and Digital Transformation projects in diverse industries including telecommunication, aviation, tourism and resorts management, vehicle tracking, banking, industrial condition monitoring, supply chain and FMCG industries.

Hein found that by enabling people to seek and maximise their potential, you encourage a will to succeed, a willingness to collaborate and a desire to explore new ideas.

 Eva Noble

Chief Operations Officer

Eva is a CASA and CISA. She is an experienced Internal Auditor, Risk and Programme Manager with experience in rejuvenating Internal Audit departments including forensics, rolling out risk management – operationally and strategically. And recently delivering a SAP ERP project across a global mining group in 3 languages, on time, in scope and within budget.

Her career started as a Senior Auditor at Transnet after completing her articles with Deloitte & Touche (now Deloitte). She joined IDC in 2001 as Head of Internal Audit. Eva has a breadth of experience across a wide range of industries through experience gained at Transnet (Transport, Logistics, Property, Treasury, Telecommunications, and Ports), IDC (farming, steel, fishery, financial services), AngloGold Ashanti, Edcon and AB InBev.

Eva enjoys developing and leading teams. She has an open management style, is direct and fair and has the ability to work with people across many levels within an organisation.

Eugene Naidoo

Chief Technology Officer

Eugene is a thought leader in digital transformation, constantly challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries in solving business and technical challenges.

He has qualifications and experience in Scaled Agile (SAFe), TOGAF and ITIL. Over the past 20 years, Eugene gained valuable experience across a diverse spectrum of industry sectors, including aviation, telecoms, retail, logistics, mining, manufacturing and financial services. He is passionate about leading and empowering people to reach their personal and career potential.

Eugene spent the past three years leading the Enterprise Software capability for one of the top four banks in South Africa. He has extensive experience in Technology Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, Design, System Migration and Integration.



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